Plastic carriers, blocked with die cut handle

Most common in LDPE and HDPE but can be made in most materials. Blocked in top (30mm) and perforated for easy tear off.
Often used as complement to a shopper or die cut bag, to put smaller products in. Printed with up to 6 colors.

Price Group


Widht: 200mm to 900mm
Height: 300mm to 700mm

Standard Size

200x270+30mm, 2 litres
250x370+30mm, 5 litres
340x460+30mm, 11 litres
500x500+30mm, 15 litres


White, transparent and colored LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, Co-Ex, recycled, degradable. 


Cut out without reinforcement. 

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Från 5 000 st JA JA NEJ  
Från 10 000 st JA JA JA JA

Print Technique:

Flexo, rotogravyr

Print Quality:



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