Things to have in mind when you deliver art work.

To obtain best printing result we need a digital art work made with following conditions:
  • higresolution pdf, vektorized ai/eps.
  • fonts convertet to outlines.
  • solid colors as Pantone reference (if not included in a CMYK setup) Pantone C for plastic and coated paper, Pantone U for uncoated/craft paper.
  • pictures/images must have resolution 300ppi or higher.
  • embedded links (or attached separately) 
  • documents must be saved as CMYK, not RGB.
We got templates for all products if you want to set up the art work by yourself. NOTE! If you use one of our templates it must be in a separate layer.
Below you can read some more about files, colors and pictures. If you have any questions about art work or fileformats please contact Christer Hjelm

About files

To print a product we always need printing plates. And to create printing plates we need an art work. Today most of the art works are digital. There are several programs and file formats to use, we've chosen to work with the most common one, Adobe Illustrator. In other words, we're most efficient when we can use Illustrator.

We prefer files as: .pdf (high resolution, printready with pictures embedded and text as outlines)

If the above is not possible we also can use art work and files made in/for Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, eg: .psd, .indd, .jpg, .tiff and .png.
Art work files can sometimes become huge and impossible to send by e-mail. 6mb is a common limit. Please use our filetransfer via FileCentral for heavy files. 

About pictures

Pictures for print must be in high resolution, min. 300ppi in wanted size. The ppi value indicates the number of pixels per inch the pictures is based on. So, the pictures must have resolution 300ppi when as big as printed on wanted product. 

About colors

Colors might be the trickiest part when it comes to print and the question is; how does a correct color look like?

It's all about references, different mixtures, different color swatches and most important, different materials. E.g. a color used for print on plastic bags, paper bags, envelopes and a sign will have divergenses between them all due to different materials but also because it's different producers and way of printing.

If solid colors will be used we need the colors specified as Pantone (PMS) references, Pantone C (coated) is used for plastic and coated paper and Pantone U is used for craft- and cardboard paper. 4 colors or more and pictures are usually made as CMYK.
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