Our own production - The Swedbag

The Swedbag is not a random paper carrier, it is the result of an environmental friendly and a high tech manufacturing process, tracable all the way through the production. The Swedbag is made by Swedish, locally produced paper pulp in our own plant in Jordbro. No unnecessary transports with total overview of the hole process. All way thorough a qualitative Swedish paper carrier bag. Straight and simple a Swedbag! 

Best possible print

Swedbags modern production plant in Jordbro is certified for Full HD Flexo - a new way to produce flexo printing plates. Full HD Flexo gives the best possible printquality with a consistent, clear, deep and extended colorreproduction. With Full HD Flexo the earlier gap between traditional offset- or rotograveur print and flexoprint dissappears.

Printing unit

Our printing machine is about 13 m long and consists of a great central drum and 8 colour containers placed together with cylinders for printing plates. We can print up to 9 colours, or 8 + UV varnish. The paper roll is placed in the beginning of the machine and runs through the central drum and a variety of cylinders, holding the paperline tensed and in place. When printed the paper is rolled up again. During normal conditions we run the printmachine in about 300m/minut.


We have four machines converting the paper rolls to bags. Each machine has a range of bag sizes they can be used for. When we convert the paper to bags the printed rolls is placed in one end of the machine and then the paper runs through cylinders, mountings and tracks, holding the line in place. Handles are attched, gussets folded, sides are glued togehter and finally the paper is cut, bottom folded and glued together. Bags are collected in a pile where we pack them in boxes.

Printing plates

To image a wanted print we need printing plates, normally made of photopolymer, a rubber like material, and we need one plate for each colour. The printing plates are attached onto a cylinder and the cylinders are placed in the printing machine. If there are no changes in the layout we can use the same plate over and over again for repeat orders. A plate normally lasts about 3-4 years, depending on use.

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