Swedbag - We improve your business

We know all there is to know about bags. A knowledge we want to share to supply you with just the bags you need - adapted solutions for your company, pricerange and trademark.

Bags are infrastructure in trading, a precondition for great business and an important part of the experience when buying your brand. The bag also continues to communicate your brand way past the closed deal. We help you to seize that opportunity.

Swedbag offers councelling, a full cover range of bags and logistic services. From our production plant in Jordbro we ship paper carriers with both flat and twisted handles.

Swedbag improve you business with sustainable bags.

Swedbag AB
Dåntorpsvägen 17
136 50 Jordbro, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 445 97 60
E-mail: hej@swedbag.se


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